Run 4 Joy: Course Changes in View

Last month I celebrated the first birthday of Run 4 Joy by re-publishing its first blog post. I announced that it was doing well and that I was looking forward to more of the same. That message has evolved a bit in subsequent weeks. (more…)

R4J Library of Recommended Resources: August 2017

Running booksGreetings Joyful Runners!

For the past year, I have been using a monthly “R4J Library” post to share resources that have been recommended in our blog and Facebook group during the prior month. (more…)

Running Goals: Meeting Them and Wanting More


Let’s say it is New Year’s resolution time.  In contemplating the months to come, we click on and begin to fill in the calendar.  It is a delicious feeling, much like scanning a restaurant menu and imagining with visceral delight the anticipation of indulging the taste buds. (more…)

One Year Later: the Run 4 Joy Blog is (Still) For You

The first Run 4 Joy blog post appeared on Friday, August 5 of last year.  We share a birthday, as the blog appeared the day before I turned 70.

While navigating the final year’s journey toward a new decade, I thought hard about next steps. I wanted to launch a new project that reflected my values, served others, and tapped into the perspective of advancing years. The outcome was to start blogging for Back of the Pack runners.

I appreciate all of you who have shared this first year. I am especially grateful to those who have interacted with the blog, with me, and with one another in the Run 4 Joy Network Facebook Group.  If you enjoy that experience (and if you enjoy the blog,) I encourage you to share it with family and friends as appropriate. (more…)