Fitness and Friendship at the Back of the Pack

Several years ago, our running club convened a Back of the Pack (BOP) group to welcome and support runners and walkers of all ages and abilities.  The BOP has developed into a warmly supportive community that offers a rich mix of fun, fitness, and friendship.  (more…)

Run! Who Me? But I’m So Slow.

2010 Denver Rock & RollIn Denver that day, 15,000 people shuffled by the Capitol en route to the starting line. Arranged in order of pace, my son Jonathan was in Corral 2. I was in Corral 15.   The racehorses and the plow horses.   We were running the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon. (more…)

What’s Right With This Picture?

CheerleadersThose of you following the progress of Run 4 Joy are familiar with this picture.  It has appeared on postcards and emails, our website, Facebook group, and mailing-list signup form.  Some of you know what you are looking at; others are likely to be puzzled.  Who are those people in red t-shirts lined up at the finish of some race somewhere? What are they doing? (more…)

It’s Worth A Thousand Words

Joel MarathonI am a big fan of race photos because, as we often hear, A picture is worth a thousand words.  Staged strategically along a race course, professionals document my experience and provide visual stories for me to remember and share.  I love the album of 5×7 prints from events around the country, including two from last month’s Missoula Marathon. (more…)