Run Anyway and Mix It Up

spark-coverMind. Memory. Mood. Motivation.  Our recent blog posts surrounding Dr. John Ratey’s book Spark can be summarized in a string of “M” words.  However, they have more common threads than that.  These related topics also express our current understanding of the remarkable benefits of physical activity for holistic health.  They help answer the question, with so many arguments to the contrary (Just Say No!), why might we want to run anyway? (more…)

Why Run Anyway? Healthy Eating, Healthy Weight

bffa81a5e9c2ebe54448a28854e6a1e9Shopping. Gambling. Facebook. Cookies. What do they have in common? In my life, addictive urges center on certain foods and beverages. Irrational, compulsive behavior also emerges when I check e-mail or Facebook every few minutes while doing something else on the computer.  Even if the behavior is not life-threatening, it doesn’t feel good to spin out of control. (more…)

Why Run Anyway? It’s Good for Memory and Mind

Last week, I attended an excellent lecture on neuropsychology and Alzheimer’s Disease.  Not for the first time, I heard the message that exercise helps to delay the onset and retard the progress of mental decline.  I am all fired up from the last time to share from Dr. John Ratey’s bestselling science book, Spark.  Today’s topic from that book is the connection between exercise and memory.  In the process, we continue to build the case for confronting our negative voices and running anyway.


Penguin Books Inspire

Penguin booksJohn “The Penguin” Bingham is a master of books for the Back of the Pack. His own story begins in childhood with a love of running. It touches on the discovery that he wasn’t very fast, and fast-forwards to a picture of John on the couch, cigarette in hand, significantly overweight, living life as a 40-something professional trombonist with a motorcycle habit. (more…)