Holiday Hoops

Can it be nearly a month since we observed Halloween?  A few days since Thanksgiving.  And a suite of midwinter celebrations from the full range of cultural traditions lie ahead.  This time of year offers a basket full of promises:  love and gifts, family and food, decorations, music, parties, and travel.  The calendar is as crowded as a Thanksgiving table.  It is all good, indeed.  Still, the path from one celebration to another presents  hoops for us to jump through, hoping not to trip and fall. (more…)

Giving Thanks from the Back of the Pack

giving-thanksIt is buried in the holiday mix, somewhere between overeating and consumer confidence.  Today I want to write about that underlying theme of gratitude.  Let’s take time to count our blessings, especially given the emotional climate of current events.  This week I encourage joyful runners everywhere to celebrate the gifts we have received at the back of the pack.   (more…)

Streaking in the Dark

treadmill-in-darkGrowing up in the 1960s, I used a different definition of streaking then.  Since becoming a runner, however, I have learned to identify the term with the practice of running every day. Hot or cold.  Sickness or health.  Better or worse.  No matter what. (more…)

Love My Foul-Weather Friend

photo-2016-01-18-07-56-27It has a bad rap.  They call it the dreadmill.  I call it my foul-weather friend.  This time of year, the treadmill keeps me moving when cold wind and slick surfaces drive me inside. (more…)