Run 4 Joy Library: December 2016

What a wealth of resources we receive every day in this electronically connected age.  I am always looking for recommendations from others to help me decide what to read, view, or listen to and what to let go.

I intend to make a monthly habit of sharing links to books, articles, videos, films, and websites that have recently impressed me. Most will have appeared already as links in our blog or Facebook posts.  I also invite you to share your recommendations. (more…)

Marathon-ready? Surprise!

The last time, I shared a post written last June, when I claimed to have accidentally trained for the Missoula Marathon. That earlier post appeared marathon morning, when I described what would be happening if, and when, I started the race as intended.  I followed up later with a post that told the rest of the story. Read on… (more…)

Marathon Time, and Ready! Really?

As we have been sorting through the trade-offs between running alone and running together, I kept remembering last summer.  After co-leading a pace group of marathon trainees for six months, I decided at the last minute to run it myself.  I wrote the following post and scheduled it for very early the morning of the race.  The unfolding of my 2015 marathon experience bears testimony to the power of running with buddies.


Running Together is Getting Better

In the last post, we looked into the benefits of solitude for back-of-the-pack runners.  Speaking from the introverted end of the personality scale, I love to run by myself.  I have accepted the potential threats of bad people, wild animals, and the chance of injury far from help in order to indulge the freedom of running on my own.  Fortunately, I have not encountered any of those threats first-hand. (more…)