Run 4 Joy Library: January 2017

What a wealth of resources we receive every day in this electronically connected age.  I am always looking for recommendations from others to help me decide what to read, view, or listen to and what to let go.

I intend to make a monthly habit of sharing links to books, articles, videos, films, and websites that have recently impressed me. Most will have appeared already as links in our blog or Facebook posts.  I also invite you to share your recommendations. (more…)

BOP-friendly Races: R4J Favorites

Over the past six months, members of the Run 4 Joy community have recommended races that they like, and that are presumably (given our collective profile) friendly to the Back of the Pack.  I am listing them below, alphabetical by state and hot-linked to their websites.  (Where races I mentioned as my favorites last week overlap with those mentioned by others, I have listed them in both places.)

Members are encouraged to continue sharing favorites (a brief description of the event and its outstanding features would be welcome), either here on the blogsite or in Run 4 Joy Network on Facebook.  If I missed a favorite this time, mention it again.  Most of those listed below offer both half and full marathons. (more…)

BOP-friendly Races: Rubber Hits Road

In honor of New Year’s resolutions and long-term race goals, we have spent much of the month exploring one topic.  We have looked “under the hood” of destination running events for the factors that add an element of welcome and support for the Back of the Pack.  BOP-friendly races, especially at the marathon and half marathon distance, don’t just happen.  They take careful planning and committed execution.  Today I want to bring this discussion to a close with some broad conclusions and a few concrete examples. (more…)

BOP-friendly Races: Respect Flows Both Ways

As a Back-of-the Packer, I am grateful for the races that respect my pace group and provide us adequate time to finish.  Putting a shoe on the other foot, I also respect the race director and the countless race volunteers who come out early and serve long hours to support our effort. (more…)