Run 4 Joy Library: February 2017

What a wealth of resources we receive every day in this electronically connected age.  I am always looking for recommendations from others to help me decide what to read, view, or listen to and what to let go.

I intend to make a monthly habit of sharing links to books, articles, videos, films, and websites that have recently impressed me. Most will have appeared already as links in our blog or Facebook posts.  I also invite you to share your recommendations. (more…)

Endurance Again: Even Longer

In Monday’s post, I explored the subject of endurance.  We looked at the diverse factors that collectively make up our capacity to last under challenging circumstances.

Today, I am approaching the topic from a different angle.  Enduring from beginning to end of a single extended event requires disciplined effort.  Enduring across the span of an active lifetime requires even more.  Enduring across the decades taps into our deepest motivation and presents us with a diverse and multiplying set of obstacles. (more…)

Endurance: I Love Long

One Friday night in late summer 2012, I was following a major international ultramarathon online. The next day, I wrote the following account of my vicarious journey through that dark and stormy night. (more…)

BOP Advocacy: Offer to Help

In the last post, I encouraged us to provide constructive feedback to race organizers.   I suggested recognizing and celebrating the positive while offering ideas for improvement.  The Back of the Pack is a small but growing minority in races of all distances.  Designing events that welcome us calls for focused effort.