Run 4 Joy Library: April 2017

Running booksEach month I intend to list recommended resources that have been cited in blog posts or shared on our Facebook group during the month.  Links to monthly Library posts will be collected on the Library Page on the Run4Joy Website for future reference.





One hour of Running May Add Seven Hours to your Life by Gretchen Reynolds

How to Transform your Running Form with One Single Exercise, by Jenny Hadfield

Running is a Thinking Person’s Sportby Gretchen Reynolds

Want to Give Your Brain a Boost? Running May Be the Answer by Alexis Blue

Four Ways to Completely Reinvent Yourself as an Older Runner by Allie Burdick

How Many Calories Does Running Burnby Rashelle Brown

50 Years After Sparking a Revolution, an Icon Runs Boston Again by Amanda Loudin

A Coach Shares Seven Common Half Marathon Mistakes She Sees by Jenny Hadfield

Five Common Spring Training Errors to Avoid by John Fiore, DPT

I Lost My Leg in the Boston Marathon Bombing—and Then Trained to Run the Race by Rosie McCall


Do the Galloway  from Run Disney

First woman to officially run Boston Marathon finishes race again at 70  by Kaelyn Forde

Coming Back: Mirror Neurons

I am writing on Earth Day weekend, surrounded by messages that applaud the role of science in understanding ourselves and our universe.  I have long been a science junkie, admittedly on an amateur scale.  Botany and geology were favorite “fun” classes that I took while majoring in other subjects. In recent years, I have been swept up in the findings of neuroscience about structure and function in the human brain. (more…)

Coming Back: A Deeper Look

Setbacks are a fact of life.  The path from here to there is seldom smooth or straight.  I recently wrote about several recent examples from personal experience.  An ankle succumbed to overuse and triggered a months-long gap in my running. A new laptop with glitches that, after months of struggle, ended in transition to a different brand.  Computer issues disrupted my writing and confused the muse who normally inspires this blog. These setbacks, though minor on a cosmic scale, illustrate the value of cultivating resilience.  We are called upon daily to cope with unplanned and often unwelcome change.


Coming Back: A Metaphor for Life

The topic of coming back from injury has been persistent and pervasive as the Run 4 Joy conversation has evolved.  We who run at the Back of the Pack may be slowed by age, by fitness gaps, or by weak links that sometimes break. It may be a hip, a heart, the plantar fascia, breathing disorders, an accident, or surgery.  Something stops working as it should, and we start over.