R4J Library May 2017: Recommended Running Books and Articles

Running booksEach month I collect recently recommended running books and articles that appeared in blog or Facebook posts during the past month.  Links to monthly Library posts are collected on the Library Page on the Run4Joy Website for future reference. (more…)

Spring Training: Sustained Motivation and the Final Push

Training for a long-distance race takes sustained motivation. For example, my “go-to” training plans prescribe four months of structured effort for the half marathon; six months for the full.  That is a long time to pursue ever-increasing commitments of time, sweat, and sometimes tears.   A few years ago, I wrote the following article for our Galloway training class.  I trust that key messages are timeless and might also apply to you. (more…)

Spring Training: Some Reasons Why We Don’t Run


I find the dynamics of Yin and Yang apply in many aspects of life. The following excerpt from the Tao de Ching points to the dynamics of opposing forces.  The interplay of yin and yang sets the stage for asking why we don’t run, despite the many benefits of doing so. (more…)

Spring Training: Some Reasons Why We Run

You may not be asking why we run.  You run because you are a runner.  It’s what you do.  If you have reached that stage in your personal journey, give thanks.  What a blessing it is to find yourself hardwired for an active life.  What a gift, when the couch no longer holds very much appeal.  (more…)