Run 4 Joy: Course Changes in View

Last month I celebrated the first birthday of Run 4 Joy by re-publishing its first blog post. I announced that it was doing well and that I was looking forward to more of the same. That message has evolved a bit in subsequent weeks. (more…)

One Year Later: the Run 4 Joy Blog is (Still) For You

The first Run 4 Joy blog post appeared on Friday, August 5 of last year.  We share a birthday, as the blog appeared the day before I turned 70.

While navigating the final year’s journey toward a new decade, I thought hard about next steps. I wanted to launch a new project that reflected my values, served others, and tapped into the perspective of advancing years. The outcome was to start blogging for Back of the Pack runners.

I appreciate all of you who have shared this first year. I am especially grateful to those who have interacted with the blog, with me, and with one another in the Run 4 Joy Network Facebook Group.  If you enjoy that experience (and if you enjoy the blog,) I encourage you to share it with family and friends as appropriate. (more…)

Six Months Have Fired Us Up and Running

On August 6, 2016 I celebrated my 70th birthday with the first blog post at  I wanted to mark the milestone of a new decade by affirming the role of running in my life and by sharing the experience with others through a new blog, website, and Facebook group.   Six months later, I am celebrating the progress we have shared so far.  (more…)