Six Months Have Fired Us Up and Running

On August 6, 2016 I celebrated my 70th birthday with the first blog post at  I wanted to mark the milestone of a new decade by affirming the role of running in my life and by sharing the experience with others through a new blog, website, and Facebook group.   Six months later, I am celebrating the progress we have shared so far.  (more…)

Who Will I Find at the Back of the Pack?

Although I have belonged for years to the Back of the Pack, the question of who “belongs” remains elusive. The definition truly lies in the eye of the Bopper. However, I will take a shot at describing us in general terms.


Run 4 Joy: This Blog’s For You

If you have ever been tempted to find out why others in your peer group are hooked on running…
If you have stood at the finish line cheering for loved ones, and have seen people “just like you” wearing a victorious smile…
If you have thought about joining the local running club but worry that you won’t fit in, that you won’t find anyone as slow as you, and that you will fall behind and get lost…