Spring Training: Some Reasons Why We Run

You may not be asking why we run.  You run because you are a runner.  It’s what you do.  If you have reached that stage in your personal journey, give thanks.  What a blessing it is to find yourself hardwired for an active life.  What a gift, when the couch no longer holds very much appeal.  (more…)

Loneliness or Solitude? Running Alone

This week we experience winter solstice, the longest night of the year.  I celebrate in front of the fireplace, cat on lap, reading-meditating-journaling in peaceful solitude while my sweetie the night person enjoys his beauty sleep.  As I mentioned in a recent post, I also enjoy treadmill running in the dark. This month I am keeping time with Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music on the iPod.  (more…)

Running in Retirement

retirement-inviteYou have probably noticed that we are reflecting on the implications of age for our running.  As a brand-new 70-year-old I can speak both from personal experience and stories from my peers. Baby Boomers who run deal not only with physical changes, such as delayed healing and declining aerobic capacity (typically listed on the minus side of the ledger).  We can also make entries on the positive side, such as the benefits of retirement from a demanding job schedule.  As I look around, I have lots of company in the ranks of running retirees.  Several threads of opportunity and motivation converge in a growing trend. (more…)

Boomers Bond at the BOP

2014-virtual-jg-13-1I have long identified with the Baby Boom.  Born in 1946, the first post-WWII year to earn that label, I belong to a lifelong cohort. We represent the first wave of 77 million babies to grow up together and, in the process, to re-define American culture. (more…)