Spring Training: Some Reasons Why We Don’t Run


I find the dynamics of Yin and Yang apply in many aspects of life. The following excerpt from the Tao de Ching points to the dynamics of opposing forces.  The interplay of yin and yang sets the stage for asking why we don’t run, despite the many benefits of doing so. (more…)

Coming Back: Mirror Neurons

I am writing on Earth Day weekend, surrounded by messages that applaud the role of science in understanding ourselves and our universe.  I have long been a science junkie, admittedly on an amateur scale.  Botany and geology were favorite “fun” classes that I took while majoring in other subjects. In recent years, I have been swept up in the findings of neuroscience about structure and function in the human brain. (more…)

Coming Back: A Deeper Look

Setbacks are a fact of life.  The path from here to there is seldom smooth or straight.  I recently wrote about several recent examples from personal experience.  An ankle succumbed to overuse and triggered a months-long gap in my running. A new laptop with glitches that, after months of struggle, ended in transition to a different brand.  Computer issues disrupted my writing and confused the muse who normally inspires this blog. These setbacks, though minor on a cosmic scale, illustrate the value of cultivating resilience.  We are called upon daily to cope with unplanned and often unwelcome change.


The Ego and the BOP: Buddy Time

In the last few posts, I have been giving Ego a hard time.  I am not done yet.  In case you have any lingering doubts, I will say it one more time:  “The Ego is not our friend.” (more…)