Endurance Again: Even Longer

In Monday’s post, I explored the subject of endurance.  We looked at the diverse factors that collectively make up our capacity to last under challenging circumstances.

Today, I am approaching the topic from a different angle.  Enduring from beginning to end of a single extended event requires disciplined effort.  Enduring across the span of an active lifetime requires even more.  Enduring across the decades taps into our deepest motivation and presents us with a diverse and multiplying set of obstacles. (more…)

Holiday Hoops

Can it be nearly a month since we observed Halloween?  A few days since Thanksgiving.  And a suite of midwinter celebrations from the full range of cultural traditions lie ahead.  This time of year offers a basket full of promises:  love and gifts, family and food, decorations, music, parties, and travel.  The calendar is as crowded as a Thanksgiving table.  It is all good, indeed.  Still, the path from one celebration to another presents  hoops for us to jump through, hoping not to trip and fall. (more…)