All One Pack:  Beyond Us and Them in the Running Community

As I listen to the news, a single message is growing louder. On every scale, we shout about differences: “us” and “them.” I long to reconnect with our unifying humanity, to find common ground that includes compassion and respect. (more…)

When Body Says No: The Courage to Stop

Today I am mulling over two phrases that float around the running community: “The Courage to Start.” and “Listen to your Body.”  We are urged to overcome our reticence, lace up our shoes, and bravely head out the door.  If we tweak our approach from time to time with the body’s gentle counsel, there is nothing we can’t achieve.  We don’t talk about the alternative: the courage to stop. (more…)

Worth the Search: Races that Work for the Back of the Pack

Here in Montana, we are ramping up for the Missoula Marathon/Half (and 5K and Kids’ Marathon and Beer Run) next month. While we are committed in principle to making our events BOP-friendly, the effort takes constant monitoring, attention to detail, and participant feedback.  That’s where you come in. (more…)

Aging with Grace: Running Past Fifty

It seems to be “a thing.”  More running books and articles feature running past fifty with every passing year. I guess it makes sense.  As Boomers pass milestone birthdays, we who have always worshipped youth intend to take it with us.