R4J Library of Recommended Resources: August 2017

Running booksGreetings Joyful Runners!

For the past year, I have been using a monthly “R4J Library” post to share resources that have been recommended in our blog and Facebook group during the prior month.

This month, I have taken a break from writing regular blog articles to catch up with other priorities in my life.  I expect the pause to last awhile longer.  The Library will take on an expanded role in the interim.


During this time, I will make an extra effort to find and share inspiring and informative articles, books, videos, and other media.  I also encourage you to use the Run 4 Joy Network to share any good running resources you might find. I will list them in the Library at month’s end.

Finally, I will also use the R4J Library post to highlight running events that have been identified by R4J members as especially BOP-friendly.


Exercise Keeps the Brain Young: Study by Alexandra Sifferlin

New study by running experts: Don’t change your stride

Read this, because you likely missed one of the best races in running history by Jesse Washington

 Make Every Run Easier by Hal Higdon

If I Could Talk To My Non-Runner Self by Mile Posts


If you liked the Jesse Washington article (above), you will love the video of Emma Coburn and Courtney Frerichs finishing gold-silver in the IAAF Women’s Steeplechase last month.  After you check out one minute of highlights, you might want to watch the full 11-minute race video.


www.halfmarathons.net  Great place to plan a multi-state half-marathon goal or just to daydream about destination races far from home.  In addition to a user-friendly race calendar, this site has articles, training plans, etc.

www.irunfar.com:  Pre- and post-race interviews and live coverage of major ultramarathon events around the world. This website is a great place to follow the mountain running community and get to know its many inspiring heroes.


HAP Crim Festival of Races.  Flint, Michigan. Late August.

Teresa says that the weekend of Crim activities features “fitness over fastness.” The City of Flint, Michigan has been through so much in recent years.  This event is a powerful example of community resilience.

Raccoon Mtn. Marathon, Half Marathon, Double Half Marathon, and Relay.  Chattanooga, TN.  Mid-March.

This event earns a place on this list with the following post on its Facebook Page. Our time limit is 9 hours for all distances. Walkers and slowpokes and people who just like to stop and smell the roses are totally welcome and celebrated! The finish line does not get broken down until the last person crosses the finish line, because the ones who persevere the longest deserve the exact same treatment as the ones who run fast.


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