R4J Library: July 2017

Running booksEach month I list resources that have been cited in R4J blog posts or shared in our Facebook group since the last Library post. Links to Library posts are collected on the Library Page on the Run4Joy Website for future reference.


We Evolved to Run—But We’re Doing It All Wrong by Simon Worrall

Kilian Jornet dislocated his shoulder 13 miles into the Hardrock 100. Then, he won the race by Daniel Petty

Athlete gets cancer.  Athlete fights cancer. Repeat, again and againby Tim Layden


Kilian Jornet  Hardrock 100 winning finish and interview

Caroline Chaverot Hardrock 100 winning finish and interview


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  1. Amy and I were at Great Burn this weekend (my number came up for the mug club) and began talking with a couple who noticed my Missoula Marathon shirt and BOP sticker on my mug. They attended the U. and now raise their family in Alaska. Pete and Tori both said they would love to return next year and time their annual family visit to coincide with the Marathon. Their real motivation – Pete’s sister was recently diagnosed with a rare cancer and begins treatment this week and when she told Pete and Tori how sad she was with the experience, they recommended she begin running, for the release and hopefully meet some people.
    The story quickly progresses to a swapping of texts and text introduction to Christie as I replayed my last two years of health issues – and how much Galloway, BOP, RWM and RE had played in terms of the world’s best medicine: activity, fitness and connections.
    I sent Christie the “Athletes get cancer…” article and like most of us, not only inspired, but tearful with the all too common story line.
    Thank You for making a difference in a life, needing to be different.

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