R4J Library: June 2017

Running booksEach month I list recommended articles, books, and videos that appeared in R4J blog posts or in our Facebook group during the month.  See the Library Page on the Run4Joy Website for links to all monthly Library posts.





Running for Her Life by John Brant

5 Things I Learned from Throwing My Legs Up a Wall Every Day by Danielle Zickl

Marathoner Proves that Inspiring Guys Can Finish Last by Evan Allen

What Running Really Does to Your Body by Kathleen Alleaume


Tapping the Fountain of Youth: Profiles of Women Runners Over 50 by Carol Hansen Montgomery


38 Thoughts All Runners Have While Running  (Running and Workout Tips on Buzzfeed)

 Harriette Thompson becomes the oldest woman to ever complete a half-marathon  NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

Running the Sahara by Larry Meistrich

There are 25,915 days in the life of the average human. How will you honor the body you’ve been given?  by Reebok


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