Run 4 Joy: Course Changes in View

Last month I celebrated the first birthday of Run 4 Joy by re-publishing its first blog post. I announced that it was doing well and that I was looking forward to more of the same. That message has evolved a bit in subsequent weeks.

After a year of writing twice-weekly Run 4 Joy blog posts, I was spending too much time managing blogsite technology.  I wanted to focus more on writing and interacting with Run 4 Joy members on Facebook.  The following changes will simplify our technology and build on our strengths as an online community.


  1. This is the last Run 4 Joy article that I will publish as a blog at
  2. I will publish future articles as an email series, the Run 4 Joy Journal, which will be distributed directly to an email list. (Subscribe here.)
  3. The R4J Journal will also be posted on Facebook at the Run 4 Joy Page (click the Like button to follow) and shared with the Run 4 Joy Network Group (click the Join button to participate in the closed group).
  4. The website will remain in place until spring 2018, when the web service contracts expire. I will not be adding to the site in the interim, but all past blog posts and other content will be available for the duration.


I want to reaffirm the mission of Run 4 Joy to inspire, support, and encourage Back of the Pack runners and run-walkers.  Run 4 Joy email articles and our Facebook presence will continue to stimulate dialogue and build warm connections among members. The Run 4 Joy community will help us live more active lives,  celebrate successes, and learn from setbacks.  It will encourage us to run–not just for t-shirts and medals, getting faster or weighing less–but for its own sake, for the love of moving, for sheer joy.

Looking forward to more…please join us!

Pam Gardiner


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