Run 4 Joy is a young endeavor, so it is early to have questions be truly frequent. However, I will begin by addressing those questions that have come up for me while developing the project.

Why should I join the mailing list?

If you provide your name and email address, you will be added to the Run4Joy mailing list, and will receive a welcome message with a link to my 5-page Run 4 Joy Starter Kit. I plan to send one email each month to people on that list, summarizing and linking to the blog posts that have been published that month and sharing other information that I think readers might find useful.

Why should I follow the blog?

If you follow the blog, you will be able to comment on any of my posts. I look forward to a lively conversation, and hope that many readers choose to engage. When you sign up to follow you will also receive an email when a new post appears.

Why should I join the Facebook Group?

For those of us who enjoy social media, the Facebook group provides a chance to interact more informally (and I think more easily) than when commenting on blog posts. I envision the Group being a place to get acquainted personally, ask questions of peers, share victories and frustrations, etc. The name of the Facebook Group is Run 4 Joy Network. It is a public group for now. If weirdness develops under that scenario, I will change the privacy setting to screen potential members and limit comments to those who belong to the group.

What does it cost?

Membership in the Run4Joy community (email list, blog subscription, website access, and Facebook group membership) is free of charge.

How is Run 4 Joy related to Wellbuddies Coaching?

They are siblings; I am their mother. Wellbuddies is an email-based life coaching practice that is designed to help clients make personal changes to enhance their health and happiness. (To learn more, see Run 4 Joy is an online community of runners, run-walkers, and walkers are looking for a supportive, non-competitive peer group to inspire and encourage their active lifestyle.

How is Run 4 Joy related to Run Wild Missoula and its Back of the Pack group?

They are cousins, or maybe half-siblings. (OK this analogy is getting tricky.) As a member of Run Wild Missoula, I started its Back of the Pack group and continue to coordinate its activities. I am also starting Run 4 Joy, but it has no organizational affiliation with RWM. RWM is a local club focused on Missoula, Montana; Run 4 Joy is an online club with broad geographical outreach.

That being said, my experience with the RWM BOP group has been so positive that it inspired me to expand the idea into virtual reality.