Run 4 Joy Library: November 2016


What a wealth of resources we receive every day in this electronically connected age.  I am always looking for recommendations from others to help me decide what to read, view, or listen to and what to let go.

I intend to make a monthly habit of sharing links to books, articles, videos, podcasts, and films that have recently impressed me. Most will have appeared already as links in blog or Facebook posts.  I also invite you to share your recommendations.

Resources Cited in R4J Blog or Facebook Posts


The Race of His Life by Steve Friedman, Runner’s World November 2010  Inspiring feature article that details Bart Yasso’s Comrades Marathon run as well as providing the context of his amazing personal history and career as the magazine’s Chief Running Officer.

Yasso 800s by Amby Burfoot, Runner’s World September 2001   A description of Bart Yasso’s unique approach to interval training at the marathon distance.

Tips for Older Runners: How to Get Started and Keep Going by Rachel Bachman, The Wall Street Journal.  Start with walking, stay slow, take rest days.  Nothing really new, but fun to see it in the WSJ.


My Life on the Run by Bart Yasso   A compendium  of essays drawn from Yasso’s adventures, trotting the globe and assembling an incomparable set of running experiences.  A rhino encounter, the “Bare Buns Run,” and the inaugural Badwater ultramarathon from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney remain favorites after multiple re-readings.


 A moving account of the Penguin Award at the Marine Corps Marathon.

Interview with Jan Walker about her transcontinental adventure.

Resources Shared by R4J members

Blog Post

Another account of Jan Walker’s amazing journey


Hill-running techniques

Ankles and aging

Value of long runs

Squats for runners

Live longer by running (at any distance and speed).

Cheerleaders stay late for NYC Marathon.


All about feet, with emphasis on ultra-marathon runners.  Fixing your Feet by John Vonhof


A special relationship exemplifies the inclusiveness of the running community.

Inspirational film streams for free until 12/10/16.


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